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Cello Cam

Mr. Cello Can See!

I am so humbled that the Wall Street Journal took interest in my Delta airline saga. Recently, one of their reporters, Scott McCartney, wrote an article about not only my ordeal but about how cellists and other musicians are having an increasingly difficult time at some airlines when flying with instruments. As an added bonus to […]

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No Miles For You!

No Miles For You!

Rejection is a powerful feeling and one we have all experienced in one form or another but I have to say that I was dumbfounded when I received a Dear John letter from Delta Airlines at the beginning of 2012. Like most rejection letters, it started off with such a polite tone I thought it […]

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Dealers And Stealers

There are violin dealers out there who scour the schools and prestigious music festivals in search of innocent young very promising string players for the purpose of cultivating a prospective sale of one of their fine instruments that they may own or have “on consignment.” This I have no problems with since, as a string […]

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