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Appearing today on WFMT at 1:00pm CT

I am so happy to be appearing on WFMT today as a guest host alongside Kerry Frumkin. For those in the Chicago area, you can listen on 98.7FM and for everyone else, you can tune in online or even through your smartphone! WFMT has instructions here. If possible, I’ll see about posting an archived copy [...]

Why Art Matters

A colleague sent me the “Welcome Address to Freshman Parents” delivered by Karl Paulnack, pianist and director of music division at Boston Conservatory. I found Mr. Paulnack’s words to be quite inspiring and wanted to share them with everyone here.
~ Lynn

Now With Video!

Just a quick post to point out that I have added a video page to the website. This is an ongoing project to post as much video from performances, masterclasses, and more that I can. Once each new offering is uploaded, I’ll post the video here.
If you have any suggestions or requests, please leave them [...]

Dealers And Stealers

There are violin dealers out there who scour the schools and prestigious music festivals in search of innocent young very promising string players for the purpose of cultivating a prospective sale of one of their fine instruments that they may own or have “on consignment.” This I have no problems with since, as a string [...]

A New YouTube Channel

Although I’ve had a YouTube channel for awhile, I’ve recently started to upload new content. I’ll be posting select items in an upcoming media page but in the meantime you can view the new videos at
And please accept my apologies for not posting anything new for a short while, the travel schedule has been [...]