An Open Letter To The Los Angeles Unified School District

I recently composed and sent the following letter to the Los Angeles Unified School District in response to the proposal that all art and music be eliminated from elementary education. Of course, if you’re here to begin with, you likely know why this is preposterous, regardless of budget demands. But I still felt I should publish my letter here as well and if you live in the LA area, please take a moment to contact your respective board member and encourage them to do the right thing.
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As promised, here is a copy of my letter:

To The Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent and Board:
I recently learned about the news of the proposed funding cuts to the art and music programs in the LA District Elementary Schools and felt compelled to write this brief note.
As a professional musician and co-founder of Foundation I have seen time and again the importance of the Arts in the personality development of children. The Arts are not entertainment nor are they some fringe luxury; they are essential for personal growth and wellbeing.
Arts are the protein that feeds imagination and creativity. Whoever sees a child without fantasy, dreams, imaginary games, etc. sees an emotionally malnourished and very unhappy child who runs a high risk of developing multiple social and personal problems.
Any parent knows children spend most of their day involved in healthy imagination oriented play and in turn, that play develops into creative critical thinking. Did nature and God make this attractive to children just because it’s fun?
No, no, no!
The Arts are necessary for growing minds and lifelong happiness. I implore those responsible for these decisions to keep art and music in the schools lest we risk dooming our children to lives of emotional despair.
Lynn Harrell