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Early Influences, Part 2

When we left off in Part 1, I had just traveled to Cleveland to play for George Szell and a short while thereafter, I was offered a position in the Cleveland Orchestra. Well, a few weeks into my first season Szell was frustrated with my ensemble sense and knowledge of the music. “Your father was […]

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Early Influences, Part 1

In thinking over those highpoints or turning points of ones life it is difficult, without some distance and perspective, to weigh the importance, both positive and negative, of life’s happenings. I would have to start with the choice that my parents made when we moved to Dallas from New York City in 55 or 56. […]

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Tales From The Bowl

An old man was walking on the beach and noticed that a little girl was busy picking up stranded starfish and said, “the beach is so long and there are so many starfish it can’t possibly help the starfish to throw them back into the ocean.” She replied, “Well, if I don’t throw them back […]

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There’s Always Room For Cello

Welcome to my blog. I am a 65 year old solo cellist who has been touring the world for the last 40 years playing almost everywhere of note in the classical music scene alongside many of the greatest musicians. Over all these years, I have accumulated many stories, opinions, and insights, and gifts of the […]

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